Our Team

ABL is a family business and as such brings a sense of family to all our customers.

Big corporations often have their own offices in foreign countries so can readily access local resources, this is not the case for many SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises). This is where ABL can help. Based in the UK we have partners in China and Africa who have knowledge of and direct contact with local markets, manufacturers and suppliers. As our contacts are native to those areas they better understand the intricacies of local business practices enabling you to avoid the concerns often found trying to communicate in foreign markets.


Company Founder

My name is Hong Jie Lennon and I lived in China until 2007 when I came to the UK. I worked in China for 20+ years as a nurse and have a large family working in a wide variety of businesses including governmental.

I have a first hand understanding of Chinese business practices  and through my contacts have access to markets as diverse as Tyre & Rubber Product manufacture, Automotive Parts including brake pads & drums (built to International standards), Clothing manufacture and much more. I also have partner networks working in Africa.


 UK and China Consultant

My name is Yi Cheng Li and I work alongside my mother ensuring that UK business needs can be fulfilled efficiently and cost effectively by Chinese companies. Particularly concentrating on specifications of goods and services between the UK and China to ensure no misunderstandings.


 UK Consultant

My name is Peter Lennon and I am a Business Analyst & Systems Developer, Project Manager and IT Network Security Consultant. My former employer was BT Global Services so I too have a network of contacts in most countries around the globe.

My role for ABL is to ensure that the requirements and needs of ALL our partners are properly understood across both geographic and cultural boundaries.