Happy Chinese New Year

We’ve all been in China the last few weeks celebrating The Year of Dog and family birthdays. But we’re back now, refreshed and ready to start a new year. Having met several Chinese wishing to export their goods we’re looking into setting up a shop for some Chinese products. So if there’s anything in particular that you want let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

In the meantime have a great year and hopefully we can do more business soon.

Credit Line available from KERUI Group

Great News. We have been asked by the KERUI Group Financial Centre to find European companies requiring credit from 300K$ to 20m$, or even more. If you want more details or to be referred please contact us via the website (

Sinosure (China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation) is a state-funded policy-oriented insurance company with independent status of legal person, established for promoting China’s foreign trade and economic cooperation and is supporting the KERUI Credit Line Facility. Sinosure began operations on December 18, 2001. Presently SINOSURE has formed a nationwide service network. Its business guideline is “by means of insurance service for foreign trade and investment, fully supporting the development of foreign trade and economic cooperation and promoting the economic growth, the employment and the equilibrium of international balance of payment”.

Kerui is also strongly backed up by Chinese ECAs, including , CDB, China EXIM Bank, which are founded by the Chinese government to promote Chinese export by providing financing to the customers.

Besides, Kerui also wins lots of support from Chinese commercial banks, financial leasing companies and international financial institutions, such as BOC, ICBC, CCB, SG, DB, HSBC, China Financial Leasing Group, CDB Leasing (subsidiary of CDB), etc.


Asian Business Links (ABL) is a family business offering in country support for Exporters and Importers on 3 continents (Europe (UK), China & Africa.

Hongjie and her son YiCheng Li have an understanding of English culture, economics and business. More importantly, both have a lifelong knowledge and familiarity with the culture and business ethos in their home city of Dàlián Shì (Dalian).

Wilkipedia describes Dalian as “a large, modern port city on the Liaodong Peninsula, at the southern tip of China’s north-eastern Liaoning Province. Founded by the Russians in 1898 and later occupied by the Japanese, today the city is known for its beaches and many squares.”

As a busy Chinese port with a population of over 3.24 million, ten specialist Universities and its own airport, it is constantly seeking new export markets for its many industries, skills and technology. As a modern cultural centre and growing economic strength it also has a wealth of communities keen to appreciate and acquire targeted high-end luxury imports from the West.

As a bi-lingual entrepreneur Hong Jie’s key skill is her ability to co-ordinate and match new clients to current clients on her extensive contacts list. Familiar with the exigencies of running a business in the UK and in China she understands the need for personal contacts to establish a basis for commercial trust and activity. What Asia Business Links offers is a fresh opportunity to link business entrepreneurs (vendors and buyers) to each other, for them to be able to work together to their mutual benefit.

So many Chinese businesses bombard our emails with offers of products and services at low-cost and high-quality services that most are now dismissed and ignored as spam. There is a clear need for genuine businesses in China to have a validated and vetted entrée into Western Markets – equally, it is difficult for a UK business seeking to buy from (or sell to) Chinese markets to see anything other than the largest players in the field. Small and medium sized businesses in China are easy to overlook, however viable their product or well-priced their offering, because of weak presentation and a lack of trust of the unknown when so many similar businesses are vying the same tired old way to be heard.

The solution does not lie solely in well designed, English Friendly, websites, nor in effective email marketing campaigns (however useful these may be). What counts more than anything else in today’s economy is trust. Trust is achieved through knowledge, communication, personal contact and customer service. Asia Business Link offers a conduit between UK businesses and Chinese businesses.